Digital Transformation

With a software-defined datacenter, you gain the ability to manage diverse hardware as a unified resource pool. You get greater flexibility and more resilience. That’s the big thing we’re learning from cloud—that to respond rapidly to the demands of the business, you have to move away from a highly-customized infrastructure to a standardized, automated infrastructure.

Benefits of software-defined Datacentre

The benefits of transitioning from traditional datacentre to modern, software-driven architecture are numerous. Some of them are:

Management and monitoring

• Monitor from the hardware up to the applications — to allow you determine where a problem really exists. You have to know whether it’s an issue with the SAN or an issue with the server or an issue with the database.

• Optimize your datacenter infrastructure by leveraging the innovation and enterprise experience built into the Microsoft cloud platform.

• To take on the challenges of big data and mobility, you need resilient, reliable infrastructure that can expand or contract as demand shifts.

• The power of cloud brings both opportunities and challenges to the enterprise capabilities of Windows Server, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Azure, you can respond rapidly to changing business requirements.

• We deliver innovation in the datacenter, allowing you to change your approach to infrastructure.

Reduced cost and complexity:

By bringing software-defined compute, networking and storage to your datacenter, you can reduce both complexity and cost.

• Take advantage of enterprise-grade virtualization to increase resilience and agility.

• Rethink storage to reduce cost and increase flexibility.

• Simplify multi-tenancy and connectivity across the cloud with software-defined networking.

Rapid response to the business:

Management and automation are key to improving datacenter operations, speeding delivery of services to the business.

• Provision infrastructure and applications faster with automated processes and end-to-end management.

• Manage and monitor with enough detail to fix problems before they become critical.

• Take advantage of new service delivery options to speed response to the business.

Cloud options on demand:

You can increase agility with access to cloud resources on demand. With datacenter innovation and new hybrid options, the Microsoft cloud platform gives you the right infrastructure for today’s big challenges.

• Scale up, scale down while keeping costs low.

• Use new hybrid options to address ongoing issues and meet specific business needs.

• Simplify hybrid with consistency across clouds.

Service delivery

How do you get your users the resources they need—whether they are developers or LOB application owners? A great approach to service delivery should allow you add in cloud resources to your infrastructure in a hybrid model, so that you’re automatically drawing capacity. A strong service delivery model also allows you to pre-approve compute/storage/network resources to designated users, so that authorization isn’t a roadblock.

Microsoft Azure Pack provides a multi-tenant, self-service cloud that works on top of your existing software and hardware investments. Building on the familiar foundation of Windows Server and System Center, Microsoft Azure Pack offers a flexible and familiar solution that your business can take advantage of to deliver self-service provisioning and management of infrastructure—Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), and application services—Platform as a Service (PaaS), such as Web Sites and Virtual Machines.

With the Azure Pack, you can standardize IT service offerings, empowering users to directly identify, access, and request applications and services published through a centralized configuration management database. Provide a self-service portal with a provisioning and delegation framework, along with chargeback and compliance management and reporting capabilities.

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