Discover the Power of Microosft Azure and IoT

Imagine you are the leader of a group of climate scientists who are concerned about the polar-bear population in the Arctic. As such, your team has placed hundreds of motion-activated cameras at strategic locations throughout the region.

Rather than manually examine each photograph to determine if it contains a polar bear, you have been challenged to devise an automated system that processes data from these cameras in real time and displays an alert on a map when a polar bear is photographed. You need a solution that incorporates real-time stream processing to analyze raw data for potential sightings, and one that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to determine with a high degree of accuracy whether a photo contains a polar bear. And you need it fast, because climate change won't wait.

Azure provides all the services and features you need to build a solution for this problem including storage capabilities for photographs, live stream analytics, image classifications with Microsoft Cognitive services, and data visualization with Power BI.

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